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Complementary Therapies:
Thermo Auricular Therapy


Thermo Auricular Therapy is an ideal treatment
for people who suffer with “blocked up” ears.

Some of us create more wax than others which causes discomfort or hearing to be reduced.


Our therapist will insert a hollow tube made of linen, bees wax and medicinal herbs in to your ear. Holding the candle securely our therapist will light the end and you will feel a gentle warmth while possibly hearing a crackling sound.


After the treatment the therapist will use ear Reflexology and a Shiatsu facial massage to complete the drainage. Thermo auricular therapy is a lovely and relaxing treatment.


Frequently asked questions


Will it hurt?

No, it doesn’t hurt as the candle is only placed around the opening of the ear and not inserted.


Will I get burnt?

The therapist will be holding the candle securely and constantly monitoring the flame. When the flame gets to a certain level the candle would be extinguished.


How many treatments should it take?

Thermo auricular therapy normally takes three treatments. The first treatment softens the wax while the second and third treatment draw the wax out.


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