Rehabilitation through sports massage and remedial massage

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Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation:
Sports Massage & Remedial Massage


Sports & Remedial Massage Practitioner, Jan Annis

Jan Annis established Heal to Toe twenty years ago. It is a thriving and busy business offering a highly qualified and professional service.


We pride ourselves on meeting all of our clients’ needs by giving thorough assessments so that they can receive the best personal and highly individualised treatments.


Jan has worked as part of the Official World Medical Team at the Olympics, Paralympics and Special Olympics.


Jan has also worked at Taekwondo Commonwealth Games, World, International and National events including: Rugby, Diving, Swimming, Water Polo, Taekwondo, Sailing, Athletics, Running and many more in her professional capacity as a Sports Massage Practitioner.


Jan has covered the four days prior to The London Marathon for the last nine years and looks after Lytchett Minster Rugby Club treating the youth and senior sections when injured and running pitch side during the season.


If you would like to ask us about an injury or an ache or pain please contact the clinic to book an appointment.


Treatment using sports massage and remedial massage and specialist techniques would be given and stretches or strengthening techniques to enable you to work in between treatments.


We work quickly to get you back to your chosen sport.


Non sports People

If you have an injury or long standing aches and pains such as stiff neck, sore shoulder, backache, sore knees, headaches etc. then we can help to ease your injury and give you suggestions on how to prevent the injury reoccurring.


We treat many trades professionals that feel a regular treatment keeps them fit and healthy for their jobs.


We don’t believe age is the cause of your body hurting. There is normally a muscle imbalance, a way you’re standing, repetition of movement that is generally the cause.


Our therapists are world class, highly trained and insured.  They have worked at the Olympics, Special Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth, World International and National competitions. Rugby, football, London and Bournemouth Marathons, swimming galas and diving competitions to name a few. We also specialise in Martial arts injuries.


Frequently asked questions.


Does it hurt?

I don’t believe a treatment should be painful as this will only cause tension in the muscles which would cause more pain. It may be a
little uncomfortable in places but should always be with in your
pain threshold.


How many treatments will I require?

This depends on the severity of the injury. Sometimes clients only
need one treatment other times several more. Generally we can see significant improvement after three treatments.  If by the fourth treatment you do not see a difference question if this therapy or therapist is the right one for you.


Can I continue my sport?

If you are doing something that is your career or your passion we will do our best to keep you doing it. We may modify the power and intensity or give alternatives to keep your cardio vascular system working until you are able to get back to your chosen sport.


Do I have to keep coming back once
the injury or complaint has healed?

Our athletes and trades clients tend to come back once a month for a check-up and maintenance. Other clients only come back when they have re-injured themselves.


Do I have to pay up front?

No, there is no requirement to pay up front as we do not know how many treatments you will require. We make a point of reassessing before and after every treatment.


Call us on 01202 632961 for an appointment or advice

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