Complimentary Therapies including Reflexology, Swedish Massage and Indian Head Massage
Reflexology is an age old therapy that helps re balance the body

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Complementary Therapies:


Reflexology is an age old therapy that
works to help re-balance the body.

There are reflex points on the feet, hands, ears and face that relate to every organ, gland and function of the human body.


A Reflexology will be carried out in a relaxing conducive environment while the skilled hands of the therapist will systematically work primarily on the feet to restore balance.


Reflexology is especially good for hormone imbalance’s, digestive issues, aches and pains, fertility, insomnia and so much more.


You can choose If you would like a relaxing or stimulating treatment and the pressure you prefer to feel.


Frequently asked questions


Does it tickle?

No, Reflexology does not tickle, if you are susceptible to “tickly” feet please ask for a moderate to firm pressure but also our therapist will be working on precise areas.


How many sessions should I have?

Have one session and see if Reflexology is for you. A course of treatments is normally once a week for six weeks.


Will I need to come back for maintenance?

Not always, depending on the condition, sometimes, a course is enough to sort out the complaint but other issues for example hormones may need a monthly maintenance treatment.


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